Chita be Trails

People from Kenya

Photographer: Daniel Egan / Custom Safaris


Sossusvlei Desert Lodge / Namibia

Balloon Safari, Kulala Desert Lodge, Namibia

Our team of Africa experts will create customized and unique experiences for you

With a tapestry of cultural splendors, abundant wildlife and scenic grandeur, each country in Africa is strikingly unique. There are a myriad of opportunities for exploration but you need a trusted travel expert to show you the way. We at QUAFRICA are dedicated to introducing the beautiful wonders of Africa through fully customized and high-end travel programs that will entice the most discerning of travelers, connected you with Africa's people, wildlife and environment in unique ways. 

Travel options in Africa are limitless - our Monthly Feature section highlights our recommendations according to the calendar year, and our Theme section highlights distinct activities on offer. We will create a customized bespoke journey for you, seamlessly taking care of every detail from start to finish (flights, visas, and itineraries). 

By leveraging our intimate knowledge of the continent as well as our partnerships with Africa’s exclusive and award-winning suppliers, you experience the thrill of discovery in a luxurious setting.


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Everyone can go on holiday. But not everyone can experience moments encased in luxury that take place in an awe-inspiring setting......


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A journey in Africa can be life-changing. It can answer many of your questions about the world while inspiring new ones......


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QUAFRICA places a strong emphasis on ensuring that responsible tourism underpins the real-world interactions......