Named after the Dutch prince Maurice Van Nassau, Mauritius is an extremely beautiful island nation. The turquoise waters, beautiful landscape, and amazing cultural heritage make this secluded paradise unlike any other in the world. Mauritius's location in the southwest Indian Ocean, some 500 miles east of Madagascar, gives the country a unique history that includes both African and Asian elements, not to mention lasting European colonial influence.

Tropical lagoons and endless white sandy beaches
Exquisite and diverse cuisines
Hiking in Black River Gorges National Park
Bird watching in Casela Bird Park
Colonial architecture in Port Louis
Tamarin Waterfalls
7-different colored dunes at Chamarel
Deep-sea diving and delicious native Creole dishes in Rodrigues Island
Tour of the Moka Mountains by four-wheel drive, horse, or quad bike
Cable car rides through the forest

Excellent Holiday in Mauritius (6 Days)

A tropical haven of peace and tranquility invites guests to relax and relish the endless white sandy beaches, a coastline fringed by coral reefs, coastal waters that lie in calm turquoise colored lagoons, and crystal clear green emerald colored Indian Ocean. Although the island’s volcanoes are no longer active, they have left their mark on the profile and landscape of this island featuring the mountain peaks in the west as well as several volcanic craters. Not only is Mauritius an oasis...

Mauritius Island Depth Tour (7 Days)

Mauritius, an island in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, will fascinate you. The contrast of colors, cultures and tastes makes the island charming, romantic and hypnotizing. Here, you have the opportunity to experience unparalleled luxury, natural beauty and emotional awakening: a level of refinement that surpasses that on offer in other tropical holiday destinations. Mauritius is an island that offers natural beauty, and emotional wakening. Come escape to Mauritius and spend a...