May, 23 2013


South Africa

We’ve all climbed trees as children, had picnics in the shade of a tree, and some of us even hug trees. But have you ever thought of knocking back a cold beer and burger inside of a tree?

In Limpopo Province, in the northwestern area of South Africa, you can do exactly that. At Big Baobab Bar, you’re treated to all of the trimmings you’d find at a traditional pub – beer on tap, a bar, a public phone, and even a dartboard.

‘Baobab’ refers to the species of tree in which this bar is housed. And ‘big’ definitely describes its size. To give you an idea of just how large this tree is, you can fit more than fifty people inside! Baobab trees grow in spurts, which results in forming the hollow areas inside of the trunk.

Baobab trees are perhaps the epitomic tree of the continent, often depicted in movies, photographs, and paintings of the African landscape. Its scientific name is adansonia digitata, and Baobab trees are also known as the Upside Down Tree due to the way its branches resemble the roots of a tree. Baobabs can store huge amounts of water in its trunk, allowing it to grow to their epic proportions of 30 meters tall and 11 meters in diameter. In fact, the largest living baobab is in Limpopo Province. It measures 17 meters tall and 16 meters in diameter.

We’re sure the bartenders at Big Baobab can point you in the right direction if you want to check out this arborous wonder! In addition, the widest Baobab in the world, measuring 47 meters in circumference, is on the same grounds as the Big Baobab. The trunk of this 6,000 year old tree has hollowed out over the years, and you can see the inside of this massive tree trunk. The on site staff will take care of your tourist needs when you are thirsty, hungry, and even sleepy. Yes, you can even sleep in one of these trees!

Come hungry, thirsty, and tired, and you’ll be relieved of all three. Cheers!