At times, sitting in the office is less than inspiring when you have not seen the sun in months. Sigh, wouldn’t it be lovely to be on a beach sipping a cool drink while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean?


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Volcanic Mountain
Traveling to this iconic island is ideal (April to October) since the weather is dry and warm. Home to lemurs and many other animals as well as exotic flora and fauna, it is called one of the most remarkable zoological dsitricts on the globe. The topography is diverse, with volcanic mountain chain running up the spine of the country, leveling off to low, sandy beaches on all sides.
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This is an excellent time to visit since high season has finished so you have more privacy while enjoying the perfect weather and ideal diving conditions. Try your hand at sailing or have a private captain take you around. Enjoy the delicious cuisine, an amalgam of African, French, Chinese and Indian cuisines.
Best For: 
Great Migration
Ngorongoro Crater
The annual Great Migration is a spectacular sight (April to June, and October to December). Not all animals migrate, but there are herds of the annual wildebeest migration heading toward Western Serengeti. The Ngorongoro Crater provides some of the best game viewing in Africa and is excellent all year but in April the crater is lush and green and visitor numbers will be at their lowest (so no crowds)!
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Maasai Tribesmen
Nairobi Park
Although this is the rainy season (April to June, and November to December), the rainfall is light and it does not hinder Big 5 game viewing. Visit with the welcoming and lovely robed Maasai people, or participate in a community project. When in Nairobi, visit Kenya's first national park that boasts a large and varied animal population.
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Okavango Delta
The Zebra migration in Savuti and the Makgadikgadi Pans. Since it is Botanical season until May, the vegetation is lush and green and the plants are flowering. This is a wonderful period of the year for bird watching when the Okavango Delta is home to many migratory birds during their breeding season. This is a very good time to explore the Kalahari red sanded desert since the temperature is milder.
Best For: 
Victoria Falls
Kuomboka Ceremony
Most lodges and camps welcome guests in this period (April to November) after the rainy season (December to March). Birding is exceptional (September to mid-April) since the migratory birds are most prolific during their breeding season in the southern hemisphere. This is an auspicious time of year to see Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If the thick spray from the falls obscures your view, taking a helicopter ride to view the falls is an amazing option. Visit the colorful Kuomboka Ceremony by the Zambezi River.
Best For: 
Botany Etosha National Park
Botanical season (December to May) is when most plants are in flower and bursts of color abound. Visit one of Africa's best game reserves, Etosha National Park, that protects a vast shallow bowl of silvery sand the size of a small European country like Holland. It is an ideal place to sit quietly, observing and photographing game from the comfort of your car.
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Intricate Moorish architecture of Casablanca
Blossoming fruit trees in the Atlas Mountains
Spring is an ideal time to visit the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fes and Marrakesh, and to go trekking on the Berber trail or to the top of the Atlas Mountains. If you are very ambitious, you can take part in the grueling Sand Marathon, covering 151 miles in the desert.