Chinese New Year is coming around the corner and you finally have time to escape the hectic city and relax. Why not explore Africa, renewing your mind-body-and-spirit, while exploring a part of the world that is unique to you?


Best For: 
Ras Kutani
Selous Game Reserve
The Great Migration is a spectacular sight (April to June, and October to December). The conditions for diving off beautiful Mafia Island are excellent. Travel to Ras Kutani, a lovely spot on the Tanzanian coast, about an hours' drive from Dar es Salaam. Another option is to visit Selous Game Reserve, Africa's largest game reserve that is one of Tanzania's three World Heritage Sites.
Best For: 
UNESCO Mount Kenya
Mombasa Festival
Even though it is rainy season (April to June, and November to December) the game viewing is still incredible. If you enjoy hiking, visit Mount Kenya, Africa's second highest peak that is part of a larger reserve. Its slopes are cloaked in forest which gives way to rock, ice and snow. Mombasa is one of the oldest cities of the world and a melting pot of Arabian and African cultures. People from all over the globe flock to experience the colorful carnival in Mombasa.
Best For: 
Zebra Migration
This is an excellent time to witness the Zebra migration in Savuti and the Makgadikgadi Pans. If you enjoy bird watching then travel to the Okavango Delta, home to many migratory birds during their breeding season. The first rains make it a spectacular time to photograph the scenery since flowers are bursting with color.
Best For: 
Namib Coast
Namibia offers exceptional wildlife and scenery throughout the whole year but birding is best during the summer months (November to April) because of the greater variety of species to be found. It is lovely to visit the Namib coast, including Walvis Bay and Swakopmund (October to March). Walvis Bay, a lagoon with prolific bird life offers a variety of adventure activities (kayaking, dolphin tours), a desert golf course, and wonderful dining options.
Best For: 
River Rafting
Great Migration
At the end of the dry season (October to December) the water levels are low and one can see the magnificent rock formation of the falls. River rafting is most exciting during this period when the Zambezi is low (August to December) and you can take a multi-day trip. The Batoka Gorge rafts launch just from below the Zambezi. Travel to the remote Liuwa Plain National Park that is pristine wilderness and observe, amazed, as Africa's second largest wildebeest migration takes place.
Best For: 
Knysna Forest
The southern parts of the country are best during the summer. One of the worlds’ most beautiful cities, Cape Town, is warm with a cool breeeze from the Atlantic. Pack your bathing suits because this is beach season. You can see turtles off the KwaZulu Natal, penguins at the Cape of Good Hope, whales along the coast or elephants at the Knysna forest. Besides the endless beaches and wildlife viewing, one can enjoy hiking through dramatic scenery, gourmet meals, and crisp South African wine along the Garden Route.