Paulo Coehlo wrote about it in his book The Alchemist - the biggest treasure lies buried somewhere inside us - and he urges us to follow our dreams and awaken our sprits. Many of us enjoy discovering the world and welcome the opportunity to either try something new or develop a beloved hobby. Our QUAFRICA team is an expert at designing unique tours centered about your specific interest: whether it is golf, yoga or birdwatching, let us know where your passions lie and we will develop a tour for you. For example, one of our favorites is a photographic safari in Africa during which you explore the secrets of the continent, capturing many of them on film as you open your eyes to the different photographic opportunities.

Whether you prefer Renaissance, Art Deco, or Cubism, Africa has everything on offer. As the 'Birthplace of Man,' people used art as way to communicate long before any written record. In addition to the immediately recognized traditional African art, the continent constitutes a diverse legacy of other styles that can be viewing in many galleries, museums, or lodges.


Kenya Luxury Safari (8 Days)

Upon arrival to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, a member of our team will warmly welcome you. After being given your Personal Travel Journal to keepsake the memories made throughout this journey, you will be transferred by road to Lewa Safari Camp.

Gorillas in The Mist (3 Days)

Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, this country is small in size yet imposing in culture, history and beauty. Not only are people are proud and welcoming, the physical beauty and serenity of the country overwhelms the senses. Visting the iconic and endangered mountain gorillas at Parc National de Volcans is a life-changing experience that humbles us as humans. This park is where Dian Fossey was based and the towering volcanoes create a breathtaking backdrop.

Mount Kilimanjaro (9 Days)

At 5,895 meters, Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa. This volcanic massif stands in splendid isolation above the surrounding plains, with its snowy peak looming over the savannah, encircled by mountain forest. Numerous endangered species live in the park. The Rongai hiking route is a more remote and less frequently used route. It is also considered to be the second easiest route to Kilimanjaro. The approach to the mountain is from the less-forested north side and the descent is by the...