Paulo Coehlo wrote about it in his book The Alchemist - the biggest treasure lies buried somewhere inside us - and he urges us to follow our dreams and awaken our sprits. Many of us enjoy discovering the world and welcome the opportunity to either try something new or develop a beloved hobby. Our QUAFRICA team is an expert at designing unique tours centered about your specific interest: whether it is golf, yoga or birdwatching, let us know where your passions lie and we will develop a tour for you. For example, one of our favorites is a photographic safari in Africa during which you explore the secrets of the continent, capturing many of them on film as you open your eyes to the different photographic opportunities.

Enjoy a few rounds of golf in a pristine area while enjoying a pristine landscape and high-end facilities.


Bushman of the western Kalahari (5 Days)

If you’re looking for cultural immersion, this tour is the one for you. Spending time with the people, in their realm, is the best way to understand their culture. This tour is recommended for those looking to participate in traditional African village life, with plenty of opportunities to interact with the locals.

Toka Leya (3 Days)

Stay at a riverside camp near Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You'll have views of the Zambezi River from your room and the choice to explore the area by boat, foot or car. This tour is a perfect starting point for those who have a longer period of travel in Africa.

Enchanting Namibia (10 Days)

If you've already gone on safari in the lush landscapes of the jungle and forest, and are looking for a different kind of safari, head to the Southwest of Africa to explore the sand-meets-sea beauty of Namibia. You'll start off in the lovely coastal city of Windhoek, and head into the desert to meet desert-adapted creatures.

Honeymoon Trip in South Africa (10 Days)

South Africa is the perfect honeymoon destination. Not only does South Africa’s pleasant year-round climate and beautiful beaches make it so irresistible, it is also home to a wealth of exquisite cultures, contemporary stylish hotels, historic Cape Dutch wine estates, quaint sea-side villages and luxurious private game lodges that are beautifully designed to blend in with the natural bush. Add on the superb food and wine and this combination offers an extraordinary holiday. Our...

Coastal Namibia (9 Days)

Explore the Namibian coastline on this four day tour. You'll start at the capital, where you will note a strong (and perhaps surprising) German presence. Then you will travel towards the Skeleton Coast, where over a thousand ships' skeletons remain after finding themselves shipwrecked in the heavy fog. The sand dunes are not only a imposing sight but entertaining as well.