Your exposure to life in Africa will evoke wonder and amazement, while creating powerful and beautiful memories. This amazing continent boasts 124 spectacular World Heritage Sites that inspire respect and intrigue. Whether it be the Himba in Namibia or the Maasai in Kenya, the QUAFRICA team will introduce you to intriguing African cultures and their deep rooted histories. Many Africans strive to preserve their traditions while simultaneously embracing a more modern way of life, showing us how the past and the present can coexist and complement one another. QUAFRICA's guests invariably return home with a deep respect for African tradition and culture.

Toka Leya (3 Days)

Stay at a riverside camp near Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You'll have views of the Zambezi River from your room and the choice to explore the area by boat, foot or car. This tour is a perfect starting point for those who have a longer period of travel in Africa.

Gorillas in The Mist (3 Days)

Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, this country is small in size yet imposing in culture, history and beauty. Not only are people are proud and welcoming, the physical beauty and serenity of the country overwhelms the senses. Visting the iconic and endangered mountain gorillas at Parc National de Volcans is a life-changing experience that humbles us as humans. This park is where Dian Fossey was based and the towering volcanoes create a breathtaking backdrop.

Tracking: Gorilla & Golden Monkeys (4 Days)

Dian Fosey brought awareness to the endangered mountain gorillas through her conservation efforts. She also created empathy for them by drawing upon their startling similarities to humans. The opportunity to encounter these creatures at close quarters continues to draw visitors to Rwanda, a magical and lush country that offers a number of unique activities.

Premium Magical Madagascar (8 Days)

Madagascar is a wondrous island full of diversity and beauty. On this tour, you will visit five different places - each unique and exhilarating - and have days filled with activities that range from gem-shopping to national park tours to cultural visits. Trafrica has all the bases covered to ensure that you spend your time wisely and enjoyably; this itinerary is not recommended for those who wish to have open schedules.

Kisima (4 Days)

Participate in a truly unique and perhaps even life-changing experience by spending time with a traditional African hunter-gatherer tribe in the majestic Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. The Hadzabe tribe is the last full-time hunter-gatherer group to remain in Africa. During this journey you will learn about the techniques that have been passed down over thousands of years, in addition to participating in game drives and safari related activities.